Cheap Thrills at Anacostia Arts Center

Cheap Thrills is a group show curated by the Anacostia Arts Center and Molly Ruppert showcases over 70 works of varied media all selling for $500 or less.

August 25 – October 4.

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082814 – Red Crested Cardinal Status


Am pretty happy with how the eye is looking integrated into the head. I flooded it with adhesive, so it will be shiny – which adds to the general reality. I ‘might’ go into the studio this weekend to work on the background – though I may also take advantage of the long weekend and do nothing – just stay in my jammies all day. I’ll have to see how I feel!

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082614 – Blade Pendant


So here is what I came up with for the other side of this pendant. I will get the blades glued down and one side flooded on my next studio visit. Hope to have something new to wear the week after next.

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082414 – Red Crested Cardinal status


Made good progress today – still did not get to the eye. I hope to be able to get that made and the background this week.

Here is an example of how I work. I work on creating different sections, and then do the final build when everything is cut.


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082314 – Red Crested Cardinal status


So am starting on a new bird – a Red Crested Cardinal. I made a huge list of birds I liked and then I saw a random photo of this little bird and decided to go for it. I am happy with the progress I made today.  I hope I can get the rest of the body done tomorrow. Am a bit perplexed as to how to cut this eye – going to think it over tonight and hope can come up with the best solution.


August 23, 2014 at 6:41 pm 1 comment

082214 – Cheap Thrills


Got Cheryl all framed and delivered to Anacostia Arts Center. Can’t wait to see how the Cheap Thrills show comes together!!!


Love the way these look next to each other – makes me laugh that this is me and my mom.

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082114 – bird, bird, birds….


When I check out a book from the library this is what happens. I made a list of 44 birds that I really liked. Though when sat down to figure out what to make next – I went to something not on this list. What to make…what to me????

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