111814 -Hair Bobbles


I have been busy with work this past week – but made my way into the studio this afternoon. I was working on a craft project – and I played with these when that was drying. These are currently being sealed – but when they are dry they will be turned into a set of cute new hair bobbles for me – I might even add some rhinestones!! Not overly productive day for my current workload (should have worked on a commission) but I like these!

111114 – all 17 ornaments/pendants available

Here are the ornaments/pendants that I finished. These all have a short ribbon on them for hanging as an ornament. To wear it as a pendant,  remove the ribbon and add your favorite chain. All of these are $25 and vary in sizes from 2″ to 3″. These are all going to the Strathmore Shop Around – but you have first dibs for 24 hours! Also if anything sells that you like I can recreate it! Email me if interested.

blue-lavalamp blue-genie yellow-martian black-white-red red-holiday green-eyes pink-diamonds maroon-eyes blue-leaves seafoam-squares yellow-teal-pinch-front yellow-teal-pinch-backfront/back grey-calder blue-orbit yellow-swirl purple-boomerangspaceship-back spaceship-front   front/backgreen-boomerang-back green-boomerang-front front/back

110414 – more pendants/ornaments



So here is today’s batch of ornaments/Pendants. These are a little smaller than the previous ones. All but one of these (the bottom light green circle) use metallic gold and silver paper for a little sparkle. I think this is my favorite batch! I got one side of these all flooded and tomorrow will need to go in and seal the backs. Next week I’ll have these all sanded and ready to go. They will be available for sale at the Strathmore Shop around in the Imagination Stage booth starting on Nov. 13. Can’t wait to take the final photos of the 17 available for sale!!!

102414 – More Pendants

102414-pendants2 102414-pendants1

I had every intention to work on a special Halloween artwork – but that did not pan out for me. I worked on the drawing (after I worked on a Halloween prop) but once it was ready I was not in the mood to cut, so I put my head down and took a nap. I did not want to waste my entire studio time so I worked up these three pendants. The top are the fronts of two (they have simple striped backs) and the bottom shows the front and back of the third. I plan to recreate the bottom right one in a different color palette (just love the design so much)

102014 – too tired to work

I spent at least 90min staring at my computer screen trying to figure out what to do. I am going to create a special Halloween piece – and was just toying with body position. By the time I made a decision I was super sleepy. So instead of going to the studio – I took a nap. It was necessary!!!!

101714 – 2014 Sugar Skull

101714-2014-sugar-skull{click image for larger version} I had wanted to finish this closer to the Day of the Dead, but my schedule is wonky this month. I wanted to make sure I was able to get it done in time. I worked on the drawing last night once I knew my theme. Each year I use a theme for inspiration and this year it was sea creatures. I also wanted to work more on symmetry. Check out the larger image to see all the details.

This work was the product of a 7.5 hr cutting session today. I am already regretting that choice – it is likely I will not be able to use my right hand tomorrow. Though with the fact I finished this today and Eden yesterday – I am 2 days ahead of my schedule, which means I’ll be able to work on a special Halloween piece and a bunch of pendants.

The piece is 9.5″ x 11.5″ and will be framed in a 16″ x 20″ frame. This will cost $250.
for availability, pricing, payment directions, or for more information.

Here are the previous years Sugar Skulls.