120914 – scrap doodle art and pendant set


{click the image for a larger version} This artwork started as a small pile of scraps that would fit into a pendant that I played with. I liked how they looked so I made an art and pendant set. I dig them!


Detail of the pendant. The pour on this did not go so smoothly – there is some dimension to it. After it sets I’ll photograph the final version. I still think it looks really cool. The scraps were used to make this and then I re-drew and cut the paper for the artwork.


Here is the set together.

The piece is 8″ x 8″ and will likely be framed in a 12″ x 12″ frame (if I can find one). This will cost $85.  The pendant will be $25. Though if you buy the set – both pieces will be $100. Email for availability, payment directions, or for more information.

120714 – Football Status

120714-football-status2 120714-football-status1

After many, many hours I finally finished the texture on the football. The rest of the football was a breeze. The top photo was my original layout I was going to work with – but now that it is all together I am not feeling as strongly about it. I like the second layout better – but not sure if the football positioning that way would be correct or not. Though now that I look at the photo some more the original layout is starting to grow on me.  What are your thoughts?


A little closeup of the texture work – all the texture work! My hands are actually bruised at this point.


Here the MacGyver tool I put together.


This is what happened to the top part of the football after I cut it and texturized it. I had it flattening last night. I learned from this and texturized the bottom part of the football – before cutting it.

120614- I cleaned


In preparation for this weekend’s open studio, I did the unthinkable I CLEANED! I found homes for a lot of things – some temp homes and other permanent ones. Even more noteworthy is I got rid of a lot of boxes! I love boxes and I got rid of a slew of them to make room. That was a success today – unlike my current battle with my printer. The damn thing keeps saying I have a paper jam which it doesn’t have – so frustrated!!

120314 – More Pendants / Ornaments


These are 3 new pendants / ornaments I made. These 3 are about 2.5 inches each and are in a metal bezel. They were created and sealed and are currently setting up. Once they are dry – I’ll take some other pictures to post. These (plus the other ornaments which did not sell) will be available directly through me or in my studio this weekend. I also have a handful of empty bezels and I want to save these so I can make these on demand for people – so if you’d like something specific let me know! If you are considering about any of the previous ornaments / pendants – please let me know. Email me if interested.

This weekend (12/6 – 12/7) Festival of Lights


While I am not participating in Festival of Light in the Greenbelt Community Center – I’ll have an open studio all weekend. I’ll have work available for sale – as well as prints, pendants, ornaments, and more. Basically it will be the same thing as if I had a booth – but I’ll be upstairs in my studio working. I also be able to make custom pendants on-site as well.