072614 – Varya Status


I really was not expecting to make fishnets today – but I did! Right now my hand is HURTING!!!

Before I tackled those, I did make her gloves. You can not see it here, but there is a lot of texture in them you’ll be able to see in person and on hopefully on the scan. Though the fishnets took a bulk of my studio time – each leg is cut as a single piece. I think they look pretty accurate as to how fishnets would lay on legs. In the end I think I made some very expensive confetti! Maybe I’ll bag it – label it as artisan confetti and see if I can sell it.



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071914 – Varya Status

071914-Varya-drawing 071914-Varya-status

I started on something new and a little out of my comfort zone today. I was asked if I wanted to participate in an art show with the theme of circus oddities. There have been a bunch of ideas swirling around in my head that would fit the theme – but nothing I could complete in time. So I was brainstorming and this is what my mind came up with. So far it is coming together how I hoped – though there is still A LOT to do.

This mock up took a lot longer than I expected – needed to make sure everything looks natural – even though it is not real. I even stood up a few times to make sure I could get my body into this position (though without a corset on and neck at my normal size). This is getting me excited about this piece and other ideas that are starting to form. I hope the excitement continues – really want to make new things.

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071514 – Scrap Doodle


{click image for a larger version} Here is my scrap doodle. It is a little different than I mocked it up – but super happy with it! These are all scraps or leftover pieces from previous artworks.
It has been asked – yes, I remember where all these pieces came from.

The piece is roughly 7.5″ x 6.5″.  $65 unframed | $80 framed in a basic frame | $100 framed with a super fun, custom mat
for availability, pricing, payment directions, or for more information.

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071314 – A scrap doodle


Here is a little scrap doodle I was playing with. I REALLY like it! I think next time I go into the studio I’ll try and commit to it and glue it down to some white paper.

Here is how a scrap doodle happens – I just find shapes on my desk I like and it eventually comes together. My biggest problem is knowing when to stop!

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071314 – Pendant, the other side


The first has gotten it’s glossy coat and is drying and I worked on the other side. This is now drying on the base. I decided to put this onto a separate disk. Once the floods are dry I’ll put the two pieces together . I think I might even try and put beads or something on that part – we’ll see what happens when I get them put together.

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070914 – Little Pendant


This is a little pendant experiment I am playing with. It is on a thin little wood base and will be double sided. This is side one. It is drying on the base and next time I can I will try and do a flood with pouring medium so it will be super shiny. Then I’ll repeat for the second side. I need punch a hole in before I seal it, so I can keep punching through it to make it wearable. This is an experiment – hope it turns out.

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070814- The little puffer that could

{click image for larger version} Was feeling blah today due to various reasons, so  wanted to work on something again to make me smile. Was not feeling this little guy, but in the end am happy with him. I like the background shape a lot – think it makes it more fun! Sadly my scanner is starting to go, the streaking in the scan are due to that – not enough time to get it all cleaned up before the storm roles in.

The piece is roughly 7.5″ x 6″. 
for availability, pricing, payment directions, or for more information. This one may or may not be for sale….

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