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April 10, 2008 : Illustration Friday – Save

{click for a larger image} 04/10/08. This funk is starting to really piss me off. The more uncreative I feel the madder I get and is just gets worse everyday. I figured I would go and make some drastic changes in my life hoping that would help. I even went and cut off most of my hair and while I LOVE my hair – it did not help. (For people that dont know before this I really have not had a ‘real’ haircut since 3rd grade {I am 30 now} I have had it trimmed and such, but I went and got a good 10″ removed – so for me this was HUGE!) I am even redoing my website hoping this will help. ARGGGG – so frustrating.

So I did start this piece based on the Illustration Friday theme of “save” last Friday and it took me this long to finish it. I was always a saver – I would hoard any money I would get growing up , though I had a happy face bank. I never would spend money on little things, I would always save up for something BIG. I was a freakishly responsible kid. Still now I can’t spend more than $5 on a whim – I over analize almost every purchase.

8″x 8″ :: $200 framed original piece. Email for availability and payment directions or for more information – like larger and more detailed images.
–UPDATE 08/03/09 – Original has been sold.

As a sidenote: Next weekend is the Hyattsville Arts Festival and I will be making all the one-a-(week)day pieces available for sale. So if you have you eye on something, let me know!

Also – let me know what piece you would like to see on my next postcard. (maybe I’ll even send you one!)

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New piece almost done

I am close to finishing a new piece based on the Illustration Friday theme of “save”. I am still in a bit of a funk but I am coming out of it. Sadly, I am (and have been for 2 weeks) fighting a sinus infection and using a knife with a blinding headache is never a good combo.

This weekend I attended a wonderful event hosted by the The Women’s Caucus for Art of Greater Washington, D.C. I want to say thank you to the organizers and I had a wonderful time meeting everyone and throughly enjoyed seeing everyones art. There are some amazing artists in this organization.

Also, I am making a new postcard, and would love to hear what piece you’d like to see on a postcard. So leave a comment or send me an email letting me know what you like to see on a new postcard.

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Artworks sold

Both of these originals have been sold – but prints are now available. Each piece is available in a limited edition run of 100. The prints are printed on Ultra Smooth Fine Art paper.
Each print is $25 (+$5 for shipping) and includes a hand cut signature.

Email with any questions or to see about ordering a print of your own.

Day 79: Headphones >> Original Post <<
Day 73: Remember >> Original Post <<

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Studio Open House – Sunday April 6 1-5pm

I want to invite everyone to come and see my studio space this Sunday. As part of the Greenbelt Community Center’s artful afternoon I will be having a studio open house. I have originals on display, prints on display, and books available. I will be in the studio available for questions or for some chatting!

In addition to the studio spaces being open there you can also participate in “Luna”. (more info)

The moon has been stolen! Witness the harrowing Grimm fairytale in a magic lantern show at 3pm created by artist Molly Ross and Nana Projects. Join Molly for a hands-on workshop at 1pm to create shadow puppet monsters that will appear in the performance! This is free and open to everyone of all ages. 

Greenbelt Community Center, 15 Crescent Road (my studio is in room 302)
Greenbelt, Maryland 20770

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