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Valentines Weekend Show+

Luck of the Draw: An Art & Music Experience
In the Capitol Riverfront Neighborhood

Friday, February 13 – 6 to 10 pm
Saturday, February 14 – 6 to 10 pm
Sunday, February 15 – 2 to 6 pm

The fun begins at the tent on Half Street, between L and K Streets SouthEAST.
@ Navy Yard metro (on the green line).
Take the Half Street exit and follow instructions from the friendly Clean & Safe folks.

Check here soon for a schedule of music and dance performances!

More music and dance being added, but here’s a sampling:
Scrap Heap, Sejayno, Blue Sausage Infant, Shadow Farm, Doug Stailey and Dan Barbiero, Pilesar, Janel & Anthony.

Some of the visual artists you will be seeing in no particular order:
Sherill Anne Gross, Rebecca Katz, Andrew Wodzianski, David Barr, Chris Bishop, Carolina Mayorga, Alexandra Zealand, Albus Cavus, Tariq Rafiq, Andrea Collins, danny phantOM.

“RED: St. Valentine bled for us”
Curated by Sondra Arkin and Ellyn Weiss:
Sondra Arkin, Ellyn Weiss, Pat Goslee, Joan Belmar, Susan Finsen, Brian Williams, Tracy Lee, Anne Marchand, Tom Drymon, Chuck Baxter, Betsy Damos, Lynn Putney, Tory Cowles, Scott Brooks, Kristina Bilonick, Judy Jashinsky, Veronica Szalus.

Photography exhibit curated by Ten Miles Square:
Erin Antognoli, Amber Baum, James Calder, Chris Chen, Jason Colston, Max Cook, Brett Davis, Angela Kleis, Brian Knight, Marie Kwak, Amber Wiley, Pat Padua, Barry Schmetter, Alexandra Silverthorne, Matt Smith, Paivi Salonen, Steve Strawn, Sanjay Suchak, John Ulaszek, Brandon Wu, Josh Yospyn.

Lots of great restaurants to enjoy nearby at Barracks Row before or after you get your art on.

A collaboration between The Pink Line Project, Artomatic, and Capitol Riverfront BID.

Venues: Velocity Condos, Axiom at Capital Yards, Onyx on First

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Sick with the flu (boo)

Been out of the studio the past few days with the flu. I have a pretty mild case from what I can tell – but I am not in a state to use a very sharp instrument. Hoping to get back in on Friday.

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020909 – more framing

I got another 12 matted prints into frames. I only got backing board and points into half of those. I did not have the urge to use the mat cutter – so those 6 will get finished off tomorrow. With these I now have a framed a grand total of 96 pieces in 2009 so far. I had intended to get PinUp in a frame, but again no urge to use the mat cutter. Tomorrow I am hoping to do it.

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020609 – Toe shoes


{click image for a larger version} So I took a break from framing to get this piece done. This has been on my “idea wall” for several months now and I am very happy to have done it. I wish the colors on screen could do this justice – the neons make me smile.


10″ x 8″ (will be framed 16″ x 20″ with UV glass): $400
Email me for more information

UPDATED 042609 – Posting this for the theme of “Theater” for Illustration Friday.

February 6, 2009 at 6:03 pm 5 comments

020609 – Illustration Friday “Time”

{click for a larger image}
I am surprised that I had not posted this piece yet. Though when I saw the Illustration Friday theme of “Time” and I thought of this work. This week I entered the world of facebook and I started to think back to when I first started using the web and my first website and am amazed with how much has happened in such a short period of time. Were things easier without email and “social networking?”

This is an older piece I did in 2006 – this is part of the Masters series I did recreating several master works in order to practice some new techniques.

8″x 10″:: $350 framed original piece (16″ x 20″ frame w/ UV glass)

Email for availability and payment directions or for more information – like larger and more detailed images.

February 6, 2009 at 3:30 am 1 comment

020409 – I started a new work

So I decided to take a break from framing to start (and hopefully complete) a new work. This was a piece I was hoping to do last year – but got a bit burnt out completing PinUp1, so put this on the back burner. I did not get as much done today as I had hoped for – but I am happy with it.

So this is what I have completed thus far on top of the drawing I made of the piece. Also this is the answer to my status fill-in the blank on facebook.

February 4, 2009 at 9:39 pm 1 comment

020209 – More framing

So I got 15 of the matted prints into frames today. I am making progress towards having everything framed. I think the show will be postponed and not be happening in March and I am thinking I might take a break this week and just start a new artwork. I am torn between the feeling of having everything done or the feeling of completing a new piece….

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020109 – more mats cut

Today I cut 13 mats and got the prints inside and ready to be inserted into frames. I have about a dozen prints left needing mats cut. These remaining pieces are a bit complicated with cutting mats due to odd shapes coming outside of the “box” and I am bringing in a pro to help me get the measurements correct. Now I will still be doing the work, but I have a consultation first. This will not be happening for about a week, so if things go well I may get a chance to work on an actual artwork this week.

Also I caved and have signed up for facebook – so if anyone is interested you can find me by my actual name “Sherill Anne Gross”

February 1, 2009 at 8:25 pm 1 comment

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