091916 – First vinyl cut


I received my Silhouette Cameo 3 about 3 hours ago. Of course as soon as it was delivered I instantly whisked it upstairs and removed my dead printer and replaced it with this new shiny white toy. I had the graphic already in the app – but realized I did not make it correctly in AI. SO I did some work on it and came up with something that should work.

I decided to dive right in and cut some vinyl. The bundle I picked had 2 dozen sheets of vinyl so I picked the color I liked the least (not an orange person) and gave it a try. My first attempt was too small. It cut everything, but lines were too thin – so I beefed up the lines and made it larger and printed again. While it’s not perfect – I am pretty happy with this. Need to rework the AI file some and do a print on a color I like better – but I thought this was good enough to get installed on my car.


Here is the small scissors from the initial cut. I might try and make solid versions that are small enough to go onto my nails.


Good blurb coupon

Sorry been MIA lately. I’m so tired – so havent felt like going to studio – just want to sleep. I’m feeling pretty worn out. Though this coupon for blurb came through my inbox this afternoon and wanted to share.

Use the code HIDDENGEM40 to get 40% off photo books. Pretty sure my two books available for sale count. This is a great deal – if you were thinking of picking up one of the books, this is the time to do it! The offer ends 08/23!!

You can use it on any book. Including my one-a-(week)day book or my blank notebook.

Click to preview 2007 one-a-(week)day photo book   Click to preview Notebook by sagworks pocket and trade book

Even if you don’t buy one my books – if eyeing a book on blurb – go for it! This is a really good coupon. Or go and make your own book!!!

081116 – Abstract Vacation

So I have been on vacation for the past 2 weeks. There was a lot of cool buildings, textures, and patterns. So playing with an abstract artwork that incorporates things we saw and did.

Here are my inspiration photos

Here is what I am creating – I am working on pulling out of my mind.

This is where I left it today. The straight lines on the sides are just to hold the purple together and keep it true while I play around with things. I am liking where it is going – but need to stare at it for awhile before I start glueing.


I know I have a bird commission I am working on. But I put my contacts in today, so my eyes were still adjusting, so I wanted to work on this before jumping into precision working.

071816 – Mystery Commission Status

Made good progress today! Here is the back of the bird. The part that is facing forward is th bottom of the birds chest. I am redoing it because it all sorts of wrong!!!

The top top of the chest is made of 34 cut pieces. One the left are the 17 sets of 2 – each set has a grey and a white piece. On the right it them all assembled. This part took a few tries – I did the way I usually made multi-colored feathers and it was looking too bulky – a different method worked better for this.

071616 – Mystery Commission Status


Since this is a commission – I thought I’d share the backs of the artwork. You won’t really be able to see it – but you can still see the progress and see the work from a different perspective. SO I got started on this today and already had to do one touch up spot where I misinterpreted the feather structure. Though once I sussed that our I was able to stay on track.