011517 – Commission status


Finally got back into my studio to do some work on this bird. This a commission that I’ve been working on for a LONG time. Feel I am making actual progress!! I have the first wing on the second bird and I hope to get the bulk of the remaining work done (if not all) tomorrow.

I really hope have the time tomorrow – my new Lularoe inventory is coming in (yes I am a new consultant!) so my studio time might get cut short when I get work that it has arrived!!!011517-commission-chest-status

010916 – I am a slacker

Yes – I am a bit of a slacker this start of 2017. Have had a lot going on and not really spending time in the studio. I’ll start going back this weekend to finish up a commission and to start on a super cute new bird.

So while I don’t have anything new to share just wanted to pass on a 20% coupon code for RedBubble. Use the code NEWTHINGS20 and receive 20% off your order. I used the code myself and ordered myself 2 new dresses. These 2 beauties should be here by the end of the week and I can’t wait to show them off!!! So check out my other designs on RedBubble.

123116 – Donations have been made!

I wanted to share with everyone that I made the 6 donations – with each organization receiving $134.36. Thank you all so much!!!! I know I lost money on this project – but it was so worth it while I was making these donations. I know it is not a lot in the grand scheme of things – but every penny I know will make a difference!

If you missed out on a safety pin – and would like to help me continue the project – please check out the safety pin merch I have available on RedBubble. A portion of the proceeds (roughly 10% of price) will be donated as well!!