112715 – Abstract ‘thing’

Again I am not sure if this will be a hair piece, a piece of wall art, or a giant necklace – or individual pieces. Just not sure what this will turn into.

I am treating each piece as a separate element – and we will see how it all looks when everything is done. I am using the same color palette throughout all the pieces to hope they look good together. So far I am really happy with how the pieces look. Nothing is glued down just yet. The small one is 1/2″ and the largest is 3″.

111715 – Art Install


I spent my afternoon today installing some awesome art. I again did some cool cutting for this one too. I wanted to do a giant sign – but needed to work with the printer I had available – so I went with a gridded picture. I had a different idea for this, but worked on poster designs I liked better so I modified what I originally had.

So I left for the day – and realized I forgot my Xacto knife. I am embarrassed to say I had to stop and buy a new knife. I had all the pieces cut and start to install them and got almost done and saw I had gone about 1-1.5cm off of the straight. I had regrid and start over, and it was the right decision – it looks so much better!

If interested in the show – here is some information about it.

Blurb Sale – books 50% off

Crazy coupon code for blurb came through my inbox this weekend. (I was out and just got to my email today)

Use the code GEM50 to get 50% off photo books. Pretty sure my two books available for sale count. This is a great deal – if you were thinking of picking up one of the books, this is the time to do it! The offer ends 11/17!!!

You can use it on any book. Including my one-a-(week)day book or my blank notebook.

Click to preview 2007 one-a-(week)day photo book   Click to preview Notebook by sagworks pocket and trade book

111415 – Crazy idea

So wasn’t feeling like making feathers today – I felt like making something along the lines of the pendant/ornaments I made last year. So I thought – what about if I made many parts and put them together to make one large work. I was thinking I might make parts to be incorporated into a large headpiece. But the more I played – thinking could put these all together to make a large wall hung work – just dont know yet. Figure going to play with the individual parts and see what evolves.

So this is what I am playing with originally when I was thinking of headpiece.

Then I grabbed some paint and started to play with backgrounds and it grew to be quite larger.

I’ll work with each circle individually and make designs I like and I’ll see how they come together to see if this large piece will work.

110915 – Just wasn’t focused today

Will not lie – I could not stay focused during my studio time today. It started well when I got the small sugar skull framed into it’s new shadowbox home.Since I wasn’t sure of the placement I made the complete flower, so there is some serious height with the skull overlaps the center of the flower.

At this point I was still focused somewhat. I needed to move two panels of gridwall into my car. My girdwall pieces are 6′ tall and I own a small mini cooper. After some shoving and pulling I got those things in my car. They are seat belted and bungee corded in and shouldn’t move on their drive.

After I got these in – my focus disappeared. I could not stay on task and eventually just read for a bit then gave up and went home.