042715 – Who needs a vinyl cutter


One of my several jobs I have is art curator/art installer at JHU Montgomery County in two public spaces on their campus. I have put together some amazing exhibitions in the past few years. I recently hung the work of Lewis Francis. His photos are amazing and the show looks great! Today I installed his lettering for ‘sign’. I keep going back and forth about getting a vinyl cutter – now mainly I would just make stickers for my car – but this would be the real reason for it. I cut these letters out of regular computer paper and installed them using painters tape. My spacing is a little off, but I think I did a pretty good job of this.

So what are your thoughts – is a vinyl cutter a good investment?

If interested in checking out the show here are more details.

Birdwatching in South Carolina

I have an upcoming show in South Carolina starting next week. The work has all been delivered (some pictures of that coming soon) and I am working on some graphics for it. I am new to Instagram so I started working on making graphics for these. I plan to make a few different ones – but here is one I made that is not going on Instagram – but wanted to share it with you.


For more information on the festival: northcharlestonartsfest.comSpecifics on the special art exhibitions

041715 – Bird Ring


For my upcoming show “BirdWatching” I am making a special bird dress for the reception and I want some fun accessories. Here is the start of my bird ring. I’ll be treating it the same way I did my pendants, with a flood of sealer to it. The ring is quite large, but I think it will be fun for something special. I doubt this will be the last ring I make!