101916 – Housekeeping

Today I did a lot of housekeeping in the studio. Now I didn’t actually clean or anything, but I got several works packaged for storage. After I finish an artwork I let it sit in a dark room for several weeks so that any moisture trapped in the paper has a chance to evaporate. When this is done I get them stored with foam core (archival) in an archival storage bag so I can safely store them until I am ready to frame them. I used to always frame work – but I just don’t have the storage space (or the $$) to do that anymore. I just frame as needed!


top: 151 Swizzle, White Crested Turaco
bottom: Sugar Skull 2015, Easter Pinup

top: Mojito, Shrunken Skull, Geometric Spring 1
bottom: Abstracted Architecture – Pier 66, Geometric Spring 2

So I have a bunch of worked stored in my studio – ever interested in seeing them let me know. Since they are safely stored you can check the work out close up!

101716 – Studio Tour

So today I tried out Facebook Live and gave a little tour of my studio and a peak into my toolkit. Also will answer any questions you have – just comment! This was fun – I’ll likely be doing another live facebook video with a live cutting!


If it doesn’t come through here you can check out by going to my facebook page | https://www.facebook.com/sagworks.art/

101616 – Rocket #5

{click for larger version} Here is rocket #5 – the final one. This was the most fun – the most freeing. I think my dad would be happy with these🙂

The work should fit into an 8×10 frame || $50 (unframed/unmatted)
Email for availability, pricing, payment directions, or for more information.
I will say if you purchase more than one – there will be some savings thrown in.

Here are all the rockets together. Again they are all the same size – the auto tile feature is putting together in super cool ways – so I am going with it! I kinda wish now I have varied the sizes and made it look more like this!