Coupon code found = frames ordered

Feel like a dum dum. Went to retailmenot and found a great coupon code – so my frames for the pinups have been ordered. I splurged and spent $3 to get he frames here this week, so I can start getting them into frames this weekend. Plan to get the frames for Yuri’s night Thursday – so should be back to framing-palooza this weekend.

032915 – Framing Status – bird edition


The birds are framed!!! The birds are framed!!!! I got my entire flock into their custom cut frames!!! I am so excited I was able to get as much done as I did this weekend. I have 7 pieces that need frames for this show and 3 more for Yuri’s night. All 10 are matted and are ready – but just need frames. Anyone have a coupon code to dickblick?

032815 – Framing status

032815-framing-statusI have 2 shows coming up which need work framed. All the frames came in today for the birds – but today I focused on the other works. The three pieces for Yuri’s night and the pinups that are not currently matted. In total I cut 18 pieces of foamcore, 18 pieces and matboard and 9 mats.I do not have frames yet for most of these – but know which frames will be using, so could easily get things measured. Now I hold out a bit in the hopes dickblick puts out a coupon.

Today I showed that mat cutter who is boss!!!

032315 – String Theory

022315-string-theory1 022315-string-theory2

{click for images for larger versions} Here is my art take on a very complicated and debated scientific topic- string theory. The top on is #1 and the bottom is #2. I added a background texture and that solved the idea of wanting chaos, I really love these! Check out the larger images (string theory #1 and string theory #2)  to the details.

String Theory #1 is  roughly 14″ x 12″  || $200
String Theory #2 is  roughly 14″ x 17″ || $200
Each will likely be going into 16″ x 20″ frames.
for availability, pricing, payment directions, or for more information.

032215- String Theory Status

022215-string-theory-status4 022215-string-theory-status3

I was planning on creating the Butterfly Nebulae today. Though I worked up the drawing and was just feeling blah about it. It did not have the oomph of the other nebula’s I created several years back. So I set it aside and started thinking of other space and science ideas. Then I thought of string theory. I know very little about string theory other than that basically the universe is made of strings. I did a little reading and was thinking this through and I thought of the idea of each planet having it’s own string universe and that they get tangled and interconnected. In my mind this started to make some cool shapes, so I started to doodle and really liked what I worked up. The versions on top are what I am thinking will be the final format of having 2 finished works. The images below are where I originally started – but think it is a little busy. Though I do like the chaos that these invoke. The top ones are not done yet either. I’ll see what the evolve into tomorrow.

022215-string-theory-status2 022215-string-theory-status1

This is a very abstracted idea based on the very little I know about the theory – but it has me intrigued. I really like learning about science and love seeing how the papers and theories manifest visually in my head. The finished version of this will be on display (along with abstract atmosphere #1) during Countdown to Yuri’s night on April 11 at Artisphere in VA. The art and the show is always a good time!

031415 – Carolina Wren

031415-carolina-wren{click for larger version} I decided I wanted a sunset for this little bird since I worked on the starling. It was a marathon 6+ hour cutting session today – I am really happy I finished the piece today (helps reduce some stress) – but my hand is KILLING me and I doubt I’ll have much use of it tomorrow. Though I think the wren turned out pretty well. His wings are all banded and was slow going. I tried to take a video of those being created – but I did not set it up well. Check out the larger image to see all the details.

This will be the last bird for awhile. I have one space themed work to cut and then I need to concentrate on framing – so I can have everything ready to be delivered to South Carolina. Though once I get the show set up I may start working on creating all the state birds. We’ll see!

The work itself is  roughly 6″ x 4.5″ || $TBD
for availability, pricing, payment directions, or for more information.

– The current roster of birds –
(from l to r /  t-b) Carolina Wren, Hildebrandt Starling, Hoopoe, Splendid Fairy Wren, Resplendent Quetzal, Red Crested Cardinal, Prothonotary Warbler, Green Headed Tanager, Lilac Breasted Roller, Gouldian Finch, Blue-winged Kookabura, Little Bee Eater,Blue Tit, Painted Bunting, Bluejay, Cardinal, Squiggle Bird (Kingfisher-esque)

031415-carolina-wren030915-HildebrandtStarling022815-Hoopoe020115-splendind-fairy-wren093014-resplendent-quetzal090614-red-crested-cardinal041914-ProthonotaryWarbler 032914-green-headed-tangaer101813-lilac-roller092213-gouldian-finch 072713-Blue-wingedKookaburra070713-little-bee-eater083012-blue-tit072312-painted-bunting060112-bluejay-lg032312-cardinal-lg031612-green-bird-squiggle-lg

031315 – Carolina Wren Status


I started on a new bird today – the Carolina Wren. This little bird is the official state bird of South Carolina. I am working on this one now because the show “Birdwatching” which I have been working towards will be on display starting this May in Charleston, South Carolina. I’ll have more details to most shortly – but I am super excited!!!

I made a decent start on this today – though had hoped to be further along. I had a hard time staying focused during my studio time.