020716 – Navy Grog Cocktail

{click for larger version} So here is my Navy Grog. Has the all the ingredients: White rum, dark rum, gold rum, honey syrup, club soda, lime juice, grapefruit juice with an ice cone garnish. I did a lot of staring at the work in progress to make changes – but I think I got the right feel for it.

So, I wont be able to get into the studio for a few days – so I need to figure out what my next piece will be.

The work itself is  roughly 5.5″ x 7.5″ || $TBD
for availability, pricing, payment directions, or for more information.

I think this make a good pair so far (l-r : Navy Grog, Mai Tai)



020116- I have an ouchie

I scraped up the top of my right hand, so I had to skip the studio today. It is not a major cut- but it burns pretty any time anything touches it (including a breeze) in addition to that my fingers are so freakin’ tight my dexterity is a bit limited. I hope it works itself out shortly, so I can get back to cutting with little (or even better NO) pain.
So even though I don’t have anything visual to share I’m going to add a picture of my cat Samoa (taken while watching a breakdancing movie)  

013116 – Navy Grog status


So I got started on another cocktail a Navy Grog (one of my favs). I think I like the general breakdown of things I’ve worked up – but we will see once I get all the main components cut to see how they all go together. I like the drawing a lot (this is after after a few sketches) and I hope it will all work out like it is in my head.


One question I have is what is the proper garnish for a Navy Grog? It looks like the classic version of the drink just had the ice cone as a garnish – is there anything else?

012916 – Mai Tai


{click for larger version} So here is my Mai-Tai. Has the all the ingredients: White rum,  regular rum, ice, sugar (syrup), lime juice, orange (curacao), and orgeat (almonds) with mint and an orchid for garnish.  I not only wanted to represent the ingredients, but I wanted to get the feeling of the drink as well.


I stared at it for awhile and tried out many shapes to see what would work. The change in the mint leaves was a last minute thing and I think it made all the difference.This is one of the outtakes. I thought the shapes were good and I adore the end result, but when I put it onto the piece it really didn’t work. It was very soft and mild – but a Mai Tai is not a mild drink – so couldn’t use it.

I’m hoping to be able to pull off several more cocktails. I liked working on this a lot. I hope this was not a one shot deal ad that I can turn this into a new series. So give me cocktail suggestions – Navy Grog, Planters Punch, 151 Swizzle, and Shark Bite are some of my favs.

The work itself is  roughly 6.5″ x 8″ || $TBD
for availability, pricing, payment directions, or for more information.



012516 – Mai Tai Cocktail Status


So I found a fabric I love and every since then I have wanted to see about doing some sort of abstracted cocktail. Different ideas have come and gone, but I like the idea of abstracting out the recipe. Plus working on this motivated me to leave the house after being snowed in a few days.

So this is my idea of a Mai Tai (things aren’t glued down since still working things out). There is the lime (which needs some work), orange, sugar, ice, orgeat (almonds), white and dark rums, with a mint garnish. Some things still need some tweaking and I think I need to add the orchid garnish for color and I might play with a drink stirrer idea. I also am thinking I will play with add letters and see how I feel about it. Though I am liking where this is going!