080315 – Migraine

I had every intention to go the studio and work on the garnet pitta – but as soon as a I woke up (for the second time) and I had a lovely low grade migraine and my eyes would not stay focused, so I stayed in a dark room the whole day. I learned a very valuable lesson though – a cocktail is a REALLY REALLY REALLY bad idea with a migraine. I do not get migraines often, so I just rode it out – though should have taken something.


073115-Garnet Pitta Status

So I finally got started on this bird today. I think I made fairly good progress on it and I am happy with the work I’ve made so far. There are so many small feathers! 073115-garnet-pita-status-procrastinationSo this was my view for 2 hours – my empty desk.

I finally put on my big girl panties and forced myself to do some work. I was not really inspired, but I know I needed to do something today!

073115-garnet-pita-status4 073115-garnet-pita-status3 073115-garnet-pita-status2
This is the bird coming together – you can see the bird coming alive! The colors are really off, but think you can see what the bird is made up of well.



Man I am frustrated and in a rut. I am the opposite of inspired. I am just no excited to work on any new art – I need some inspiration! I spent a good 5 hours doodling in my studio today – and there was only one thing that I got a slight spark off of. Send me some inspiration!

072415- tiny signature

look how cute my tiny signature is?!?  

I spent most of my studio time today sewing- I felt I NEEDED a pair of checkerboard capris for tomorrow. Can’t believe they turned out- fit is decent, but the material I had on hand was so thin.  

072315 – Continuous Green

So here is the final product – it is about 5″ round. I think it turned out very well and very much like the original design I came up with back when I was in High School. It is a simpler piece in comparison to some others, but I thought the detail of the eye was pretty cool. This is nine layers and is about the size of quarter.