Spooky season has begun…

Are you ghouls ready for this amount of cute??

These super cute ghosts have a little purple bows and on a background made of of translucent clay. So when the light shines there’s a creepy background. The polymer clay is so lightweight and a dream to wear.

These cuties are available if interested! Just comment or send me a note if you’d like more information on them.

I’m feeling so proud

I feel so freakin’ legit with my new earring cards!! They make me look so official! Plus I’m loving my tagline – embrace your flawesomess!!

I’m loving this pattern too!! This was a fun slab to make and I love the colors to much! I’m so happy with how young and playful these are!! Both of these pair are available!

Cool cats and kittens

I’m loving these 2 pairs of atomic cat earrings! Both are made from polymer clay and super lightweight and easy to wear. Loving the colors of these!! These are hand cut from polymer clay with my trust Xacto knife. Even played some tricks to get that cool opalescent green!

Both of these pairs are available if you are interested- so let me know! Plus can do custom ones too!!

Scarlet Tanager in Polymer Clay

Handmade Scarlet Tanager Polymer Clay Earrings

I’m creating pretty often, but I’m terrible about updating my blog. I’ve been making so many fun pairs of polymer clay earrings that I’ll be sharing. But these are my crowing achievement. Meet the Scarlet Tanager! I used my knowledge of birds and incorporated many of my paper cutting skills to create this one-of-a-kind pair of earrings!!

These are available if interested! Let me know if would like more info! Polymer clay is awesome for big earrings because they are lightweight and so easy to wear!