101916 – Housekeeping

Today I did a lot of housekeeping in the studio. Now I didn’t actually clean or anything, but I got several works packaged for storage. After I finish an artwork I let it sit in a dark room for several weeks so that any moisture trapped in the paper has a chance to evaporate. When this is done I get them stored with foam core (archival) in an archival storage bag so I can safely store them until I am ready to frame them. I used to always frame work – but I just don’t have the storage space (or the $$) to do that anymore. I just frame as needed!


top: 151 Swizzle, White Crested Turaco
bottom: Sugar Skull 2015, Easter Pinup

top: Mojito, Shrunken Skull, Geometric Spring 1
bottom: Abstracted Architecture – Pier 66, Geometric Spring 2

So I have a bunch of worked stored in my studio – ever interested in seeing them let me know. Since they are safely stored you can check the work out close up!

101716 – Studio Tour

So today I tried out Facebook Live and gave a little tour of my studio and a peak into my toolkit. Also will answer any questions you have – just comment! This was fun – I’ll likely be doing another live facebook video with a live cutting!


If it doesn’t come through here you can check out by going to my facebook page | https://www.facebook.com/sagworks.art/

101616 – Rocket #5

{click for larger version} Here is rocket #5 – the final one. This was the most fun – the most freeing. I think my dad would be happy with these🙂

The work should fit into an 8×10 frame || $50 (unframed/unmatted)
Email for availability, pricing, payment directions, or for more information.
I will say if you purchase more than one – there will be some savings thrown in.

Here are all the rockets together. Again they are all the same size – the auto tile feature is putting together in super cool ways – so I am going with it! I kinda wish now I have varied the sizes and made it look more like this!

101316 -Workmen in the studio

So not going to the studio today. The city is doing some work in there replacing the HVAC units. We were warned about it being quite noisy about several workman coming in and out – so I am staying home. Last night I went in and took art off of my gridwall and took the art off the table nearby the work area and I put up a barricade around my table protecting the work stored under it. So since I can’t work on anything today – here is a picture of my cats for your viewing enjoyment. While they dont overly thrilled here they are 2 of the biggest lovebugs!!!