051316 – My Box Lid


I am am really happy with where this going – I need something on top. I’ve tried a few things but wasn’t happy – so I am going to sit on it. Once I decide on this I can adhere it to the box – do a seal on – and then a gloss flood. So this is not going to be done quickly.

050916 – I did nothing

My studio time was a waste. I couldn’t focus and again I was freezing. I sat there for close to 5 hours and I finished my book, played games on my phone, and stared at my sketchpad. Because of this I have nothing to share – so here is a picture of my cats – Samoa and Tonga as they judge me for getting nothing done.


050816 – Some Mother’s Day Doodling


I am doing some massive home cleaning and I came across this little plastic box from carefirst that had REALLY old first aid supplies in it. I threw all of that away but I want to make the box look cool. So I am working on something for it. I like where the ideas are going. I didnt get any cutting done today – my hand is sore and I did some other projects in the studio. (can see more info on that on my other blog – sagworks2)