070315 – Patriotic Pinup Status


I had wanted to make something patriotic for July 4. I knew I wanted to do a pinup with a firecracker and this was almost exactly what I originally thought I wanted to do. I am pretty sure I’ve already done someone with a variant of this hairdo – but it is what I want to do. Also, almost positive she will be a brunette. One thing I don’t know is what her name should be, want something super American.

Here is a series of pictures of what I was able to complete today. As you can see from the status drawings – there was some redrawing of some parts of the piece. This is the second top I made. The first version did not come together right, so I reworked the drawing and it started to make sense to me.

070315-patriotic-pinup-status1 070315-patriotic-pinup-status2 070315-patriotic-pinup-status3 070315-patriotic-pinup-status4

062616 – Face Plant

062615-faceplant{click for a larger image} Finished her up today. I am in LOVE with her!!! I am slightly embarrassed with how long it has been since I’ve finished (or started) on a new work. Though I am happy I went with her as a return piece. I still dont really know what I want to work on – so this was a good transition, especially this is something I worked on over 15 years ago.

This will likely be going into an 11″ x 14″ frame. 
 for availability, pricing, payment directions, or for more information.

062115 – Face Plant

I was attempting to clean up the desktop on my old laptop and came across my old resume. I made a coloring book resume when I was applying for jobs when I was graduating from college – I thought I was GENIUS! I thought this might be a fun artwork to make.

062115-faceplant-drawingI did make a big modification – I made her a cyclops and I LOVE IT!062115-faceplant-statusI did not get a lot done today – though the eye did take quite a bit of time. I would have done a bit more – but I perplexed about what color I want her ‘skin’ to be. As I look at the picture – the answer seems so obvious, I have this beautiful yellow green! So far I am happy with this!

052215 – New Ring

052215-metalic-ringI worked on the set of 4 tiki rings and they are setting right now. I am going to keep the final designs a secret until they are gifted. Though while I was waiting for the paint to dry on their bases, I worked up this new ring for me. It is also 1.5″ round and I think once I do the sealer on it I will add a rhinestone to it. I do plan to add rhinestones around the side too.