082815 – Pineapple Status



I finally started on cutting this work. I originally created this drawing over a year ago and it has been sitting on my desk ever since. I wasn’t exactly sure how to create it, but I think I figured out a way to make it happen. I hope to stay focused and get this finished tomorrow. The idea of the “how” is a lot stronger than it was at the start of the day. Tomorrow we will see how it turns out.

So I have been on a hiatus. I was on vacation from work (use it or lose it vacation days). These vacation days including a lot of doing nothing and LOVING it! Most days I didnt get out of bed or put on pants! I also did start on a new terrifying adventure – I just started teaching an entry level college class (Visual Thinking) and am attempting to work on lesson plans and feeling constantly nervous about it.

081515 – Garnet Pitta

{click for larger version} There are a lot of feathers in this bird. I did a lot of procrastinating on this – but feel good now that it is finished. I am very happy and I think it turned out very realistic. This work had 4 different kinds of feather texturizatons. Check out the larger image to see all the details.

The work itself is  roughly 5″ x 7″ || $TBD
for availability, pricing, payment directions, or for more information.

– The current roster of birds –
(from l to r /  t-b) Garnet Pitta, Carolina Wren, Hildebrandt Starling, Hoopoe, Splendid Fairy Wren, Resplendent Quetzal, Red Crested Cardinal, Prothonotary Warbler, Green Headed Tanager, Lilac Breasted Roller, Gouldian Finch, Blue-winged Kookabura, Little Bee Eater,Blue Tit, Painted Bunting, Bluejay, Cardinal, Squiggle Bird (Kingfisher-esque)

081415-garnet-pitta031415-carolina-wren030915-HildebrandtStarling022815-Hoopoe020115-splendind-fairy-wren093014-resplendent-quetzal090614-red-crested-cardinal041914-ProthonotaryWarbler 032914-green-headed-tangaer101813-lilac-roller092213-gouldian-finch 072713-Blue-wingedKookaburra070713-little-bee-eater083012-blue-tit072312-painted-bunting060112-bluejay-lg032312-cardinal-lg031612-green-bird-squiggle-lg

081315 – Texturizing Feathers

Just a short video of what I do to each and every feather. I know it doesn’t look like much – but birds have a lot of feathers so it can take up some time. Every single feather in the birds has some variant of this process.

I didn’t add a soundtrack, because I really love the sound the knife makes cutting the paper. I have a TV on in my studio (keeps me focused) so please ignore the Arby’s commercial in the video’s second half.

081215 – Making 2 colored feathers

Making multi-colored feathers is a slow process. Each color of the feather is at the same level (and not layered) so they are all inset. So basically all the colors get cut at the same time – and then they get fit together like puzzle pieces. Once they get assembled then they get textured.

Here is how it is done.

Amazingly – I shot it and edited it on my phone. I even added a cheesy soundtrack on imovie mobile. It was so easy I might try and make some more videos!

081115 – Garnet Pitta breast feathers

So this pile of shapes comes together and makes the breast of the bird. All of these pieces are double layered to show a color underneath. I am always surprised when it works out. Texturizing all the top pieces in order to be able to stretch them out makes them so weak and delicate – it takes patience not to rip them while manipulating them to do what I need them to do.


081015 – Garnet Pitta status

081015-garnet-pita-statusI am really happy with what I was able to get done today. I only have the sky squiggles to do – which I’ll do at the end of the week. I think it came together really well! Here is my bird compared to one of my research photos.

I just thought this was a really cool angle to see the depth and the feather work.