One a (week)day: Day 33 – Contact Case


Piece number 33 (2/14/07). Happy Valentines Day!!! I have been wearing my glasses for now over a week and they are driving me crazy. I wear my contacts too long w/o a break – so I try to rest my eyes occasionally – and this is one of those times. Everytime I do artwork my glasses slip off my head and really makes me bonkers. Plus I hate not being able to see when I wake up (or go to bed, or take a shower,etc).

6″x 3.5″:: $50 unframed original piece, $75 framed original piece. Once the original sells, limited edition prints will be available at $25 (unframed)

Email for availability and payment directions or for more information.

— UPDATE 072310 — I am reposting this for this week’s Illustration Friday theme of “double”.


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