One a (week)day: Day 113 – My Bike


Piece number 113 (08/02/07). Lately I have been longing to ride my bike – but it is so freakin’ hot outside. So this is a portrait of my bike, well my favorite bike. This is the bike by Nirve called scurvy. It has Paul Frank’s scurvy character on the side and is actually this pink. It even comes with a bike and a bell. I LOVE my bike, but it has no gears and I am grossly out of shape. I had to go buy a bike that has gears for me to ride until I get into better shape – going up hills w/ no gears sucks!

6″x 4″:: $45 unframed original piece, $75 framed original piece. Once the original sells, limited edition giclee prints will be available at $25 (unframed)

–UPDATE– Original has been sold. A limited edition of 100 giclee prints are now available for $30 ($25 for the print and $5 for USPS Priority mail) INTL customers please email me for shipping costs. Also framing is available for an additional $30. All prints are on an art paper with a hand-cut signature.

Email for availability and payment directions or for more information.

080207-bike-detail.jpg (details)


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