More works have been sold. Prints now available.

The originals are not available anymore – but giclee prints now are. Each piece will be available in a limited edition run of 100. The prints are printed on Ultra Smooth Fine Art paper. Email for availability and payment directions or for more information. $30 total: $25 for the print + $5 for USPS priority mail (US shipping cost only, INTL buyers email for a shipping quote)

1/1/07 - Peacock 021607-key.jpg 041107-vwbeetle.jpg 042607-good-v-evil.jpg 071107-surgery.jpg

In order from left to right:
Day 1: Peacock >> Original Post <<
Day 35: keys >> Original Post <<
Day 61: VW Beetle >> Original Post <<
Day 72: Good v. Evil >> Original Post <<
Day 98: Surgery >> Original Post <<


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