One a (week)day: Day 145 – Ninja

Piece number 145 (09/20/07). Well today’s piece seemed to be an appropriate subject given yesterday’s piece of Pirate. So who do you think will win in a fight ninjas or pirates? Personally I think it will depend on where the battle it fought. Though if I had to give a blanket answer I would say ninjas, due to pirates views on alcohol. Though please discuss your feelings….

If you would like some more information before making a decision, here are some informative links: Wikipedia and some pros and cons.

6″x 4″:: $45 unframed original piece, $75 framed original piece. Once the original sells, limited edition giclee prints will be available at $25 (unframed)

–UPDATE 10/8/07– Original has been sold. A limited edition of 100 giclee prints are now available for $30 ($25 for the print and $5 for USPS Priority mail) INTL customers please email me for shipping costs. Also framing is available for an additional $30. All prints are on an art paper with a hand-cut signature.

Email for availability and payment directions or for more information.

092007-ninja-detail.jpg 092007-ninja-detail3.jpg 092007-ninja-detail2.jpg

092007-ninja-original.jpg (closer to original colors to see the ninjas stealthiness)

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