One a (week)day: Day 194 – Menorah

Piece number 194 (12/06/07). HAPPY 3rd night of HANUKKAH!!!! This is going to be the last Hanukkah piece – I am just hoping the theme for illustration friday is not Hanukkah related. So far my Hanukkah has been great (I am getting a t-shirt which says, “Stupid raisins, stay out of my cookie!”) For everyone not jewish I am working on some Christmas related pieces as well. I firmly believe everyone should embrace everyones cultures! I am having a hard time figuring out a theme for Kwanzaa – so if I don’t get one done please don’t hold it against me.

6″x 4″:: $45 unframed original piece, $75 framed original piece. Once the original sells, limited edition prints (of 100) will be available for $25 (unframed). The original of this has been sold and is available as a print.

Email for availability and payment directions or for more information – like larger and more detailed images.

120607-menorah-d1.jpg 120607-menorah-d2.jpg  (details)

Also  as a sidenote, I did not get into the show I dropped off Citrus for. I should not be surprised though the paperwork I picked while dropping off said “xx PAINTINGS would be selected” for an all media I show I figured that slip was how it would play out – and I was right.


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