January 19 – 20 – Sunflower Status

I am still working on the center portion of sunflower, but I am seeing the light at the end. After gluing about 1000 pieces down I think one or maybe two more days will do it. I cut and glued down so many pieces today my fingertip is sore.

Though on a more productive note I was able to finish the blog book today. It is being proofread right now and I hope to order my copy tomorrow or Tuesday. When I get it and can check it out I will open ordering. The book looks to be 217 pages and will be available as a softcover and a hardcover.

On a happy note, I had a meeting this past Friday and will be hanging about 20 pieces in downtown DC at Cafe Luna (1633 P St Nw, Washington, DC 20036-1403 and it is a short walk from the Dupont Circle Metro station). The cafe has a great environment and the food to match. So if you are in the neighborhood after Saturday morning go over get a nice meal and check out some work.


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