March 21, 2008 – The Mystery of the gnomes

{click for a larger image} 03/21/08. For some reason this took me FOREVER to finish. The idea came from the Monday Artday theme of “wee Folk” and I added the pot of gold to work in the theme of “heavy” from Illustration Friday. So when I first saw “wee folk” I instantly thought of yard gnomes and the mystery that surrounds them. So my theory is that yard gnomes were developed by Leprechauns to fool people into thinking their pots-of-gold are always protected. This lets Leprechauns go and party, take naps, or whatever they like.

6″x 4″ :: $150 framed original piece. Email for availability and payment directions or for more information – like larger and more detailed images.

032108-gnome-d.jpg (detail)

On a unrelated note – we have met the goals with the kitchen. We put down the luan for the cork to go down on (which will be installed in a few hours) and we painted (2 coats) tonight and actually got everything done we needed to. Only some minor things are needed before Monday which is when the cabinets go in! YEAH!!!!! Plus it looks quite nice so far.

** UPDATE 12/4/11** This has been sold. If interested in something similar – let me know!


One thought on “March 21, 2008 – The Mystery of the gnomes

  1. We are two completely different races living in harmony. Being a garden gnome residing in Ireland, I can tell you that we were not invented by Leprechauns, though they do indeed, throw wonderful parties. Great craic!

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