Bee Status + weekend at Artomatic

So I went in the studio to work on “bee” and sadly did not get as far as I hoped. The background is a lot of repetitive cutting – which goes fairly slow (plus makes my hand hurt). It is looking good though. I hope tomorrow or Wednesday to have it finished.

Also I worked on cutting signatures for the “Hula Girl” print series. I have one print in stock after mailing out the sold ones if anyone is interested. >>Email for more info and to purchase <<

I had two shifts this weekend at Artomatic. It was a lot of fun to be there, but a lot of work too. I was very tired after working and on Saturday spent the rest of the day chillin’. It was well deserved. I had a good set of volunteers on my Artomatic shifts – with a few exceptions. My shifts were only for 5 hours each, I can not imagine being a bar manager at Artomatic – you have to be there whenever it is open – they are there for up to 14 hours, I can not begin to think how tired I would be! If those that don’t know – Artomatic is all volunteer run and the people who put this together need a huge pat on their backs for doing such a kick ass job.


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