Sunflower has been sold

I am happy to report that Sunflower has been sold. It has found a perfect home – honestly I think this pieces was created for its new owner. Even better this was bought for her as a gift!!! It was bought by a great person and given to one too….

I think I will be making prints of this, but I have not decided 100% yet. If interested in a print let me know.


Monday June 24, 2008

There has been a lot going on – but I apologize for being too lazy to blog.

Well, one commission has been completed and picked up. They seemed to very happy. It gets gifted tomorrow – so I have received the Ok to post it on after it gets gifted. I am working on the next commission!

Though this weekend had some fun parts. My husband and I went to a party with a bunch of Artomatic participants. Well I guess at every Artomatic party Peeps must be involved and this was no exception. So by the end of the night several people had created Star Wars Peeps. The rule was you could only use things that were already on the table. My husband and friend Michelle were the main contributors. I make an ewok and a failed attempt at Chewie.

And just something to make you smile. How can a rainbow not make you smile? We had a quick moving heavy storm and this was the aftermath.

Thursday – June 19

Well I finished a commission yesterday. This one had a super quick turnaround. I sent it to the commissioner while it cures. I like it – turned out better than I thought. I was working on the background and was not seeing it until the big picture happened. I also worked on another commission for a bit as well. Busy – Busy.

Complete On-a-(week)day listing

So I page a page categorizing all the one-a-(week)day pieces based on the suggestions from many readers. So now there is one place to see all the works. The Art List is a page (and not a post) and is on the top navigation bar. I also removed the “Availability of prints” from the sidebar and integrated this into the Art List as well

The list was tiring to make – there was a lot of work to go through and format.

Wednesday June 18, 2008

Well I am still exhausted. Today I spent most of the day feeling like I was stuck in molasses. Though I got some go-go-gadget energy and went into the studio and I am happy I did. I got a huge chunk of one of my commissions done. This has a super quick turnaround and am behind schedule, but it is workable. Tomorrow I will finish the background and let it cure until Monday night, so I can frame it. I wish I could show you a pic – but can’t until I get the thumbs up from its new owner.

So other than, my day was fairly boring. I signed up for a twitter account in case you are interested in following me on that. I don’t 100% understand it just yet – but I figure I would give it a shot. Other than that I went the Staples and packed up some work for shipping. SO EXCITING!!!!!

I wanted to share a super cute story with everyone about the purchase of Arrival and Departure. So, I was emailing back and forth with two people. They were each looking for a birthday present for their significant other. Well after several emails back and forth, neither of them could choose that perfect piece. It turned out these two people were together and they wanted to buy the pieces to hang in their new place (one is moving in with the other). That is just a great couple story in my opinion!!!

Prints now available

Quite a few pieces have been sold. These prints will be available for $25 or $55 framed each (+shipping) and is a run of 100 and has a hand-cut signature. Email for availability and payment directions or for more information. To order a print, just send me an email and we can get the order going. It will be a few weeks most likely so I can order a proof first.

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