September 7, 2008 – Clutter

{click for a bigger image} Today I created a new piece and it felt GOOD! This is piece is called “clutter” based on the Illustration Friday theme. One of my first ideas was the mess (or clutter) of all my wires and cables for my computer and such. It is a mess behind my desk. I wanted to take this someplace outside of the black and gray tangle. So I experimented and made an abstract version of it. I am really happy with the outcome.

10.25″x 13.25″:: $250 framed original piece.

Email for availability and payment directions or for more information – like larger and more detailed images.

UPDATE 07/15/09 –  Clutter has been sold and now resides in a wonderful new home. I am not sure if I will make this available as a print, but if you are interested – let me know.


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