080509-Pinup4 completed

{click image for a larger version}
Pinup 4 is completed. I am really happy with this piece, this is one of my favorites!!! I am very happy with how I decided to treat parts of this like – the stockings, tire tread, and ruffled underwear.

080509-pinup4-d1 080509-pinup4-d3 080509-pinup4-d2

Again I need to thank Stacy from Atomic Cheesecake Studios for letting me work with her amazing photos. If you get photos by her let me know – would love to see them! I hope to get 12 works done in ther series as well as their disorderly versions. So now I have 17 works left in the series.

–UPDATE 09/04/09– I am posting this for the  Illustration Friday theme of  “Strong”. I know HOW to change a tower, but I never seem strong enough to start getting the lugnuts off. Now I can tighten them with my super human hand strength – but dont have the arm strength to loosen them.


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