100909-Pinup7 (cowgirl)

[click image for a larger version]
Got the work completed and all scanned in. I was happy that I was able to find more sheets of the background paper so that I can use it. I really love the color.

Since you can’t see the detail of the skirt here is a detail shot.

Another big thank you to  Stacy from Atomic Cheesecake Studios for letting me work with her amazing photos.

–UPDATE 033010– I am reposting this for this week’s Illustration Friday theme of “Rescue”. I don’t know why – but I felt this was a good fit. I guess I’ve been watching many westerns lately.


One thought on “100909-Pinup7 (cowgirl)

  1. The hair is staggeringly complex and beautiful. I feel that your work is achieving greater and greater complexity, while still maintaining its purity of form. By sticking with cut paper, you are adding subtle effects like wrinkles in a skirt, textures in a straw hat, the flow of hair.

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