120709 – My new portfolio book arrived

Currently, I have started another commission so since I can’t show you that, I’d like to show off my new book. This book is not for sale, it is something I want to have to showcase my work and act as my portfolio. I was hoping to have it for this past weekend’s studio event, but it arrived this morning. It was worth the wait – it is gorgeous!!! It is  a 12×12 (size of a record sleeve) hardcover book. I’ll have it in my studio and I’ll try and bring it with me to art events so people can check it out.


Inside Cover Page

-Bio/Art Statement Page

-One of my section title pages- (there are 3 sections)

Horoscopes page

-Two of the Pinups page spreads

-Back Cover– (it is an imagewrap cover so matches with the front)


2 thoughts on “120709 – My new portfolio book arrived

    • I use Blurb for my book printing. I have always received well printed books and I think the price for the quality is very good. The quality and colors have been very consistent. I recommend them!

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