040710 – Pinup9 (disorderly)

[click image for a larger version]
I finally made my paper order and get the must needed sheet of Parma this morning to finish this. I used a different technique to put this onto the background and it was slower but came together a lot cleaner. Only 4 piece left in this series….

I also got my quote for the framing supplies to frame this series for upcoming show and I won’t lie – it is not pretty. If you’ve had your eye on a piece now is the time – I can also promise you your money will be going to a good cause.

—  UPDATE 110510 —
Thought this was a good fit for this week’s Illustration Friday theme of “Afterwards“. Since this piece is created either the leftovers after the original piece is created, this is typically how I feel after the original work is created, and lastly b/c this is how we can all feel after drinking a few too many.


2 thoughts on “040710 – Pinup9 (disorderly)

  1. I didn’t see how it fit the IF theme at first, but then I scrolled down and read your explanation…well put! Yes, I often feel (pleasantly or sometimes unpleasantly) empty after a project. too Nice piece in any case!

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