062310-Neon Moai

{click image for a larger version} This is a fun piece inspired by my recent visit to the Mai Kai in Fort Lauderdale for Hukilau 2010. I want to do a whole series of the tikis in the Mai Kai gardens – but need some good pictures to work from, the ones I took are not good enough. If you have pictures of tikis at the Mai Kai – please let me know!! Actually I would like to do a tiki series – so send me photos!

So I have a fun idea for how this would be framed – here is what I was thinking of doing with the matting.

I have not priced the piece yet – but if you are interested please let me know. I am planning on buying a special frame for this and so am more than happy to discuss options (including buying it unframed) before I frame and price this work. I would love to see what frame fetish can do with the framing (can also discuss that if interested)

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