062710-Lifesize Guitar – Supro Dual Tone

So this is the drawing for my first attempt at creating life-size guitars. After working on this, I am not 100% I’ll be able to create this project as to how I originally intended it. This will be my largest work to date at 40″ tall. This causes me several technical issues to work out – one being I need bigger background paper to accomodate the guitar. I have found several acid free papers in white which should work, though do not have a lot of wiggle room – unless I move towards roll paper. The bigger technical issue will be framing/presentation – this work is large enough that it exceeds normal size limits of materials (mat board and UV acrylic). So as of right now I do not think I will be able to afford this project w/o a different presentation manner, a sponsor or pre-purchased pieces. I’m just not sure yet – I’ll see how this goes, but I may have the scrap the life-size portion of these (which will make me sad)


3 thoughts on “062710-Lifesize Guitar – Supro Dual Tone

  1. You could put up a PayPal tip jar and ask blog readers who are interested in seeing the piece done to donate to it. And maybe offer a postcard-print to people who donate at least a certain amount.

    • That is a good idea – I am also going to look into setting this up as a project on kickstarter. I am talking with a musician (who inspired the project) to get his opinion.

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