070210-Rock em’ Sock em’

{click image for a larger version}
So I created this piece for the 4th person from my Facebook Five (from last year – I am a slacker). This piece is created for Andrew Wodzianski. On Yuri’s night he gave me (and others) awesome Rock em’ Sock em’ robot rings where this piece is inspired from. I hope he likes this!

Since I am in limbo right now about starting another series I wanted to do something fun and that would me smile. I do love working on these pieces which only take one day – it is so satisfying and makes me feel accomplished. Other news I have is I might be able to move my July 2011 show to 2012 – this will let me spend more time on trying to raise money to make the life-size guitars. (Hoping to get something up on KickStarter). This will also allow me more time to work on the Burlesque/SideShow series. Though before I get to this I most likely will be working on a mermaid – I got the thumbs up from the beautiful Medusirena – to be my muse for this work.

— UPDATE 032511 — Reposting this for this week’s illustration Friday theme of “Toy” Dont think an explanation is needed.


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