Atomic Tiki

Atomic Tiki”, a group exhibition
of Poly-Pop Fine Art!

Atomic Tiki
Group Exhibition
Preview Reception – Wednesday, August 4th, 4-8pm
Opening Reception – Thursday, August 5th, 5-9pm
Show runs August 2, 2010 through August 31, 2010

Elroy Artspace gallery is pleased to announce Atomic Tiki, a group exhibition of ‘Tiki Style’ fine art.

The exhibition will include the works of over 25 artists! – including several already famous for their tiki works, and many of our favorites who soon will be…  In Portland’s largest exhibition exclusively of this art genre whose pull has waxed and waned in recent decades, Atomic Tiki aims to excite PDX art fans with ‘Tiki Style’, because it’s back and more powerful than ever!

Although dictionaries define ‘Tiki’ as just “a wooden or stone image of a Polynesian God,” the art and lifestyle they inspire are a wholly American artistic creation!  More than just an art show, Atomic Tiki is an examination of a larger cultural phenomenon – a peek into the modern Tiki lifestyle which thrived during the Atomic Age, a lifstyle in which people decorate their homes and social gatherings in the retro tropical motif and dreamy island trimmings of yore; wooden masks, grass skirts and velvet paintings of nubile women – Tiki style spawned from visions of what Americans wanted the South Pacific to be rather than what it really was…

Also dubbed “Polynesian Pop,” this “Tiki Style” is becoming recognized as a bona-fide art movement whose resurgence is met with excitement because, of course, Tiki is fun!

The Artists: Oregon artists: Amy Ruppel, Arnold Pander, Ben Adams, Ben Burch, Brent Wear, Brian Cook, Chris Haberman, Chris Young, George Perrou, Ian “Pian” McWilliams, Jack Pollock, Jackie Avery, John McClain, John Mulder, Jonathon Hill-Jacquard, Mark Randall, Myah Bailey, Renee Hartig, Rob Kramer, Robert Wiles and Tim Oakley – Artists from the Tiki coasts: Bob ‘Tiki Hana’ Ho, CZM/El Gato Gomez, Dawn Frasier, Derek Yaniger, Jessica Kreig Hendron, Luis Diaz, Richard Becker, Robert Jiminez and Sherill Anne Gross.

The Venue: Elroy Artspace is a gallery whose mission is to enhance the human experience by introducing fine, fun art to those concerned with bringing color and beauty into the home and workspace.  Please visit Elroy Artspace gallery at NW 17th & Lovejoy in Portland’s Pearl District.  (

Elroy Art Agency is a boutique agency whose raison d’être is creating and promoting the brand
visibility of artists and the venues where their work is shown and sold.  (


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