081610 – Mermaid Status

So I am trying to kick my ass into gear and went into the studio today. Sorry that I have been absent for a while – just not feeling it for the past 6 weeks. I went in today and got started on the mermaid. I got 400 scales cut (yes it was an exact number) for my mermaid tail. I am not sure how many scales will be needed, so I am going to start assembly with these to see how far it will take me. I am doing a mix of red with some orange mixed in – I removed the pink scales I cut, did not like them in the color mix.

The bright orange paper gave me a headache and I headed home – this is one of my favorite papers so I hope this was an anomaly.  Though I am doing the same storage method for the scales as I did with the shag carpet. I cut a bunch of pieces, count them, bag them, then label the bag with the date and how many I cut. Even though I left after 400 due to a headache I probably would not have been able to cut many more in one sitting.  The repetitive motion is hard on my digits.


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