011611 – 3 of spade status

So I got the kraken rawked out today. The front tentacles are textured – so much fun cutting out circles today – lots and lots of circles (feel I was inspired to do this today partly after seeing Michael Enn Sirvet’s show yesterday) Originally I had planned to put the tentacle tops into modified spades kinda how the end of a sting ray tail is – but did it and not too fond of it. (see the reject image below) Not 100% sure if it will stay the way it is – or if I’ll do something else – I have an idea i may try out tomorrow.

(I think this is funny) So I store all the parts of a piece in progress in special archival storage bags. So when I went and took these pieces out this afternoon the angler fish had the pretty yellow fish in his mouth – I had to get the yellow fish out of the angler’s teeth. My only guess is that last night the angler got hungry and went for a snack.

– reject –


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