022311 – Miss Universe – Jupiter

{click image for a larger version} Introducing Miss Mercury! This is the third piece created as part of the Miss Universe series created for the upcoming Yuri’s Night Out art show.

So here is the educational portion of the artwork.
Jupiter Fun facts
• Jupiter has 63 moons
• Jupiter has 3 very faint rings, I felt the stage lights would make the newly discovered faint ring disappear. Also they are made of dust and and are constantly resupplied
• Jupiter and the other gas planets have high velocity winds which are confined in wide bands of latitude. The winds blow in opposite directions in adjacent bands
• The Great Red Spot has been seen by Earthly observers for more than 300 years

The artwork is bigger (since this is the biggest planet) at roughly 10 x 15 and will likely be framed in an 12 x 16 or a 16×20 basic wood frame to keep the cost down.  I am hoping to frame everything in the 12 x 16 frame – but Jupiter and Saturn are going to be TIGHT fits.

Email for availability and pricing information or for more information. Each piece will be priced individually at $225, or $1800 for the entire set of 9.

Yes, the entire solar system will be completed – I got word if I get them done in time the entire universe can be displayed at the Countdown to Yuri’s Night exhibition – so this means I have less than 2 weeks to complete 5

more planets. here is what I have so far.

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