022511 – Miss Universe – Saturn

{click image for a larger version} Introducing Miss Jupiter!  So while creating each piece, I try and develop a character and personality that matches it. Saturn was difficult to get together, I felt she would be very awkward with having to deal with all her rings – they are very widespread and I think it would make her struggle to walk and to keep herself balanced

So here is the educational portion of the artwork.
Jupiter Fun facts
• Saturn has 62 moons – 53 which are named, 9 unnamed
• Saturn is best known for its spectacular (and large) ring system

The artwork is roughly 10 x 15.  I am hoping to frame everything in  12 x 16 frames – but Jupiter and Saturn are going to be TIGHT fits – but they’ll make it.

Email for availability and pricing information or for more information. Each piece will be priced individually at $225, or $1800 for the entire set of 9.

Yes, the entire solar system will be completed – I’m on schedule to have the entire universe on display at the Countdown to Yuri’s Night exhibition. 4 more pieces to go and I know I can get it done! here is the lineup so far

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