040211 – Pufferfish2 Blue

{click image for a larger version} I had not planned on working on him today, but I finished up with my fabric work earlier than I thought so I went and finished this little guy up. There will be 6 total – so there will be 3 sets of pufferfish facing each other. I am attempting to make them pretty close to the same – but really only using my drawing to keep the body the same size – so no two will have the spikes in the same place.

Roughly a 9″ circle. Will be framed with an oval mat in a basic 12″ x 16″ frame. $200.

I am planning on making 6 of them in different colors for a show in June in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Though can make more if interested. Email me and let me know! Tomorrow I am going to start on a green one during this months Artful Afternoon (open studio from 1-4). If you stop by I may even let you pick out the colors for one  the three left which I have not decided on.

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