040311 – Pufferfish3 – Green

{click image for a larger version}
Today’s Artful Afternoon was a little slow on visitors on my end so I had plenty of time to work on this little guy. I adore this paper color – its one of my overall favorites. I thought I’d be making 6 total, but I may be making a few more. A gallery in Portland is interested in some for an upcoming show (details coming soon) So I am not 100% how many I’ll be making in total of these – but so far I am enjoying them so I am looking forward to making a school of them.

my logic for today’s color choice is “three” and “green” have the same long e song to them I thought it was a wonderful fit for the day.

I did have one young man come in and I let him pick a color for one of them. So one of the last ones I make will be his color choice and will be code named  “Sebastian”

Roughly a 9″ circle. Will be framed with an oval mat in a basic 12″ x 16″ frame. $200.

I  can make more if interested. Email me and let me know!

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