051011 – Pufferfish 10 – Black (Codename Sebastion)

{click image for a larger version}
So this is the last Pufferfish in this Pufferfish series. Introducing the ninja Pufferfish – Pufferfish10, Codename Sebastian. During an open studio I asked a little boy if he would like to pick a color out for a fish and he said yes, when I asked him his favorite color he chose black – so this is how this ninja fish came to be. Using all black is very difficult since the shadows are not as obvious – so every part is made with a different paper – in color, texture, and weight so that light is reflected differently off all the parts so you can see everything. It is darker in person – but to come through online I needed to  play with the levels in photoshop.

Roughly a 9″ circle. Will be framed with an oval mat in a basic 12″ x 16″ frame. $200.

I  can make more if interested. Email me and let me know if you’d like your own pufferfish!

Larger version

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