051911 – Framee-a-palooze starts once again

I got the framing train started this afternoon. I got the boards all cut down for the pufferfish – both the matboard and the foamcore. I also got crosshairs marked on the matboards for the pufferfish circle mats and the foamcore pieces all stamped with my information. So tomorrow I should be able to rawk the circle mat cutting.

So the day did not start out super great for the framing adventure. I waited for the FedEx man to arrive with my foamcore (and a ton of new paper which I did not even get to the studio yet). When he finally came I was on my way to the studio with it. The foamcore comes in a large box and it is a tight fit into my mini cooper and it gets more difficult when you are at your car and the skies open up. I’ll spare you the details – but the foamcore was unharmed!


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