052211 – framing and hurting myself

So I was able to get a lot accomplished today. I got Converse framed and it looks really good. I got my second pair of oversized scissors cut and papered – pictures will come when they are hinged. I had to make this second pair since I left my first pair at a photographer’s house (had promo photos taken last week – and they look GOOD).

When this was done I started examining and packing up the pinups getting ready for them to picked up for my next show. At this point things were going OK. One piece had some schmutz in the frame I wanted to clean out so I needed to take the frame apart to get to it. The final product looks great – but in the process I stabbed myself in my palm with a screwdriver and cut myself with a metal frame segment. So I now have a few bandaids on and 8 works all packed up and ready to go.


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