062111 – Abstract #1

{click image for a larger version}
Yes, this is a wee bit different for me. I was in a doodling mood and this is kinda how I doodle. I am trying to come up with a cool pattern to some screen printing on fabric of and I had this rough idea. I was playing with sketching it out – but the pencil was not cutting it. I was thinking of something for silkscreening and how can I use my scraps to in the process and then I created this. The printed garment will look different but I am curious to see how it will compare.

I am thinking i will include this for consideration into the “What Remains” show with my studio mates. The background material of this is from the pinup carpet in Pinup #1. So I know abstracts are pretty rare from me – but I had a great time making it so expect me to try some more. I think paring them in my process of creating pattern to screen makes me break out of my shell and be more free form with it.

Email for availability and pricing information or for more information.I think it is roughly 13″ x 9″ and will probably end up in a 16″ x 20″ frame (but maybe not) The one thing I do know is this will have a custom cut mat to mimic the outer shape. Don’t have pricing figured out just yet (due to framing is still undecided) but it will be affordable – so if interest, let me know.

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