071011 – Banana

{click image for a larger version} So the one piece is made of 8 individual panels. Here are the 8 panels with how I am planning on presenting them. I did not like how a signature on each piece looked – it was too heavy I also don’t want them individually framed for the same reason. I also dont want to frame them all in one frame in this manner due not feeling it. my plan is to frame them in 4 frames – 2 panels in each. Each frame will have one signature (with a little window cut for it). Each of the 8 panels is signed and dated on the back. So keeping it in the same format as the apple piece. There is a lot of detail in the individual pieces, so be sure to check out the larger version of the image at full-size to see it all. (its roughly 2500 x 3700 pixels)

Email for availability and pricing information or for more information. These 8-panels in 4 frames make up the one piece. Not sure of the pricing just yet – if you are interested in the piece and would like it in a single long frame – let me know I can frame it that way and figure out the price with a custom frame. SOLD.

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