021412 – Space bird

So I trimmed down the background for the space stewardess and worked on some positioning issues. I feel there is something missing. So I tried making more elevator tubes, but they did not work. Then I thought what about if there were things in the sky – so I made this tiny space bird (see he is wearing a space helmet). But that did not fix the issue – I like everything in the piece, but the ground. So I am trying to see if there is something I can add – need to decide fast so I can get this piece assembled. So in the meantime I started cutting down pieces of mounting film (which is what I am using to put everything together)

So I am not using the space bird – but I think he is cute. I kinda want to make a slew of little birds now – not sure what I’ll do with them though. Maybe I can seal them to something and make a super cool pendant or something….


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