031612 – Green Squiggle Bird

{click image for larger version} I am so happy with how this turned out. Check out the larger image to see all the detail that are in his feathers. I love how some of these techniques worked. I also love the messy background with the clean foreground and then with the bird on the squiggle branch. I think I’ll be working on a set of birds – am really into them.

The work itself is  roughly 5″ x 7″and likely will go into an 8″ x 10″ frame. Have no idea of the cost just yet – but this will be  affordable. Email for availability, pricing, payment directions, or for more information.

**For Illustration Friday** I am glad I worked with shades of green for this, which incidentally fit into this week’s theme. I am so happy to have been picked as “Pick of the Week”. Be sure to check out the next bird in the series – the Cardinal squiggle bird.

Thank you!

55 thoughts on “031612 – Green Squiggle Bird

    • Thank you. I love playing with subtle shade differences in paper – or the same color but different finish – it is a so subtle but really adds with realism. I really just adore paper!!!!

  1. Val Myburgh says:

    This is gorgeous! Do I understand you correctly that you use different papers, sort of like a collage? And the textures of the feathers – are they cut out with scissors or a blade? Lovely, lovely!

    • Thank you! You are correct, everything (including the signature) is cut out of paper. I use different papers – in color, weight, texture and different cutting technique to give everything it’s texture and depth. I 99% use a blade for everything, find it gives me much better control.

    • Thank you! I am planning on more birds. I am finishing up a cardinal now. Have a pair of zebra finches in line for a commission. I want to do a whole series of birds – am open to suggestions as to what bird I do after these….

    • Thank you. I try and create the work, so it looks like how your eye would see it in reality. So it takes experimentation to know what techniques, work when. When you see more of my work in person, you see so much more depth to it

    • Thank you. That happens with most things I create, always seeing something new in it. I create works in the individual shapes, so everything by itself tends to be abstracted until it gets put all together – that’s when I finally ‘see it’.

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