032512-Prepare for Takeoff is Framed

ImageWent into the studio  after the facility was closed to get this framed tonight. had to do it when the building was closed, because I had to it in the hallway – did not have anyplace big enough to work it in my space. Special thank to James for the help tonight with this – could not have done it alone.

It went pretty smoothly. I made a slight math mistake when I measured the work and had to add bigger spacer bars than originally planned which made it a beautiful tight fit in the frame. Not enough room to add spring clips it is nice and super snug. I bought a special corrugated board (thanks Tracy for the delivery) to add some rigidity to it and it really helps. We are adding some wire strainers to it as well to add more support – but need to go to the hardware store to get some fancy hardware for it to make it stronger.

So overall it is a SUCCESS! A bit more time working on it and it is ready for delivery this coming weekend!

Here is a silly pic we took before we bagged it up for the day.


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