081912 – Steelstack abstract

So once this is all sealed and dried I’ll try to get a good scan of it.

This is a bit different for me. First off the artwork is somewhat inspired by a trip I took to Bethlehem, PA and to the Steel Mill (Which I called the Sleestacks the entire trip). The old steel mill which is part of the grounds is really impressive. I had a thought of an artwork when I first saw the place, but could not get it right when I sat down to work on it. So this my first attempt to get the work that is in my head onto paper.

Also this is a bit different for me. This work is used by putting the paper onto the board and then sealing it directly on the board – so that no glazing is needed in the frame. I was not a fan of this in the past b/c by sealing the work I lose the texture of the paper. This texture is really a big part of my work – so I stayed away from it. Though I got a bunch of frames  that are not big enough to support glass/acrylic so I figured this is a good time to try this technique out.

One thought on “081912 – Steelstack abstract

  1. Lynne Barr Bibeault says:

    Hi Sherill. It’s Lynne Barr Bibeault your work is wonderful! How are you and how are your mom dad and sister. Do you have any children? Please let me hear from you(David’s barr’s mom)

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