121212-robot doodle


So here is my 6″ square robot doodle. I will be doing a super cool robot themed show next year. Though I’ll need to work on a canvas. So this is my experiment piece in getting a work on a canvas. So the way I did this one is not ideal. I think I’ll be buying another canvas and trying it a different way too – just to see what I like better as the final product.

These colors are SO BRIGHT in person, while creating this I was getting a headache – the colors vibrate together; even more so when looking through 3D glasses.

HOLY CRAP! This is the 1200 post of my blog – YEAH!!!!! B/c of this I’m running a contest.
Everyone who comments on the post is entered to win one of the print artwork rings and cut paper bookmark sets.
The winner will get to choose which ones they want!

I’ll randomly choose the winner on Sunday evening so it can get in the mail for a holiday delivery. So please go ahead and comment about anything – your favorite artworks of mine, favorite cookies, how much you like unicorns – really anything. Thanks!!!!


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