ArtRomp opens this Friday

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After a nearly 6-year hiatus, the exciting group exhibition makes a comeback…east of the river!

Anacostia Arts Center and Curator Molly Ruppert (of Warehouse Arts Complex) are excited to bring the notorious group show, “Art Romp” to Anacostia. The exhibition will feature over 60 artists from all sides of the river, exhibiting many modes of artistic expression–including painting, photography, quilting, performance art, new media, and sculpture.  Exhibition runs through September 15, 2013

The exhibition is FREE and open to the public. Facebook event

Artists include: Sondra Arkin, Lisa Blatt, Scott G. Brooks, Judy Byron, Michele Colburn, Shelia Crider, Jared Davis, Rosetta DeBardinis, Elsabe Dixon, Margaret Dowell, Krissy Downing, Laura Elkins, Dana Ellyn, Gregory Ferrand, Jonathan French, Christopher Goodwin, Sherill Anne Gross, Piper Grosswendt, David Allen Harris, Rania Hassan, Sean Hennessey, Ellen Hill, Brece Honeycutt, Gary Honig, Jason Horowitz, Seth Kaplan, Richard Kightlinger, Amanda Kleinman, Bridget Lambert, Zofie Lang, Chris Lee, Tim Martin, Kathryn McDonnell, Bruce McNeil, Frederick Nunley, Cory Oberndorfer, Dino Paxenos, Luis Peralta, Marianne Pollock, Amber Robles-Gordon, Peter Romero, Matt Sesow, Ira Tattleman, Ruth Trevarrow, Tariq Tucker, Suzanne Unrein, Jessica van Brakle, Andrew Wodzianski, Thomas Wolff, Peter Wood, and more! Preview the work online.

Anacostia Arts Center || 1231 Good Hope Road, SE, Washington, DC 20020 ||
I’ll have Sugar Skull 2012 on display. Took a peek at the show last night and it is impressive – a lot of amazing work and in an amazing new venue!

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