100713-My visit to MICA


Today (Monday) I got to be a guest lecturer at MICA. In addition to giving a lunch time lecture I gave critiques to 7 of the 2nd year MFA candidates in the Illustration Program. I got all dressed up in my scissors tunic – did my makeup – and got to ride the MARC train for the first time and LOVE it!!! (That’s me on the train)

All I can say is WOW! These guys are amazing!!! I was so impressed with these artists and they were so inspiring. You should check them out.

Yuanjin Wei  – she is doing cool things playing with the culture difference between modern and traditional cultures.
Jennifer Yoo – She is an amazing paper cutter who has such a great way of dealing with the medium (including working GIANT paper installations)
Decue Wu – She does fashion Illustration, but is working on a children’s book. The illustrations are going to be beautiful for the book.
Mai Ly – Her style is so cool and her work just makes me smile. Her illustrations are so well done and she is taking those into a stop motion animation.
Lisk Feng – She is really challenging herself to working in new ways and is  beating those challenges. She seems to really be open to pushing herself.
Eduardo Corral – he is quirky. His take on his project and the play with commercialism is going to make his project RAWK with ridiculousness
Alex Citron – she is working as Art Director for her MFA project. I don’t want to give away the project – the website for it is launching this week.

The staff, the students, the facility were all great. Makes me jealous – there program and toys would be the best summer camp ever!!!


I am really pumped about moving forward with my work.


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