113013 – Misc. putzing around


So I worked on block printing this dress. I made 2 different sized scissor stamps and printed this today, to wear for next weekend’s Festival of Lights. I am happy with how it turned out. The color is fairly muted (even though used hot pink ink) but I think it works very well for this. I have not done this in quite some time and forgot how it really was. I will likely do more things in the future.


I also had a thought, and going to see how this experiment pans out. I cut out a basic shape and sealed with with a sealer – I am going to see if I can make someone wearable paper earrings. The somewhat part meaning, something that can worn more than once and can withstand being worn. I know they will be delicate, but wondering just HOW delicate….

ALSO I had an idea for an artwork using some of my new favorite shapes. The idea came about while I looking at scraps of paper. Hope to get the idea cut out tomorrow. Excited to share the idea!!


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