Cheap Thrills at Anacostia Arts Center


Join us for the opening of “Cheap Thrills!”

This group show curated by the Anacostia Arts Center and Molly Ruppert showcases over 70 works of varied media all selling for $500 or less.

August 25 – October 4.
Opening Reception Monday, August 25 at 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Train ride to Anacostia: $2.70
Street Parking: Free (after 6:30pm)
Cheap Beer/Wine: $3-4
Arts Center Admission: Free.99!
A night of awesome art, good friends, and live music: PRICELESS!

Talk is cheap…BE THERE!

The show’s artist roster includes Krystal Alston, Sondra Arkin, Andrew Bain, Charles Bergen, Tarra Louis Charles, Andrew Cohen, Jared Davis, Dana Ellyn, Diane English, Brian Filipowich, Yvon Fleurival, Jonathan French, Adrienne Gaither, Sherill Anne Gross, Piper Grosswendt, Alexandra Hasson, Jay Hendrick, Eve Hennessa, Ellen Hill, Aaron Hughes, Amy Hughes Braden, Lexi Jordan, Rebecca Kallem, Seth Kaplan, Melanie Kehoss, F. Steven Kijek, Yaroslav Koporulin, Larry Lairson, Zofie Lang, Jennifer Lillis, Jane Mallen, Anne Marchand, Samuel Margai, Raegan Mathis, Carolina Mayorga, Terence Nicholson, Janelle Ortiz, Dino Paxinos, Luis Peralta, Marie Ringwald, Matt Sesow, Alexandra Silverthorne, Samuel Tefcon, Gail Volrath, Alison Waldman, Angela White, and Andrew Wodzianski.

Anacostia Arts Center
1231 Good Hope Rd SE, Washington, District of Columbia 20020

Official Release


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