111114 – all 17 ornaments/pendants available

Here are the ornaments/pendants that I finished. These all have a short ribbon on them for hanging as an ornament. To wear it as a pendant,  remove the ribbon and add your favorite chain. All of these are $25 and vary in sizes from 2″ to 3″. These are all going to the Strathmore Shop Around – but you have first dibs for 24 hours! Also if anything sells that you like I can recreate it! Email me if interested.

blue-lavalamp blue-genie yellow-martian black-white-red red-holiday green-eyes pink-diamonds maroon-eyes blue-leaves seafoam-squares yellow-teal-pinch-front yellow-teal-pinch-backfront/back grey-calder blue-orbit yellow-swirl purple-boomerangspaceship-back spaceship-front   front/backgreen-boomerang-back green-boomerang-front front/back

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