032215- String Theory Status

022215-string-theory-status4 022215-string-theory-status3

I was planning on creating the Butterfly Nebulae today. Though I worked up the drawing and was just feeling blah about it. It did not have the oomph of the other nebula’s I created several years back. So I set it aside and started thinking of other space and science ideas. Then I thought of string theory. I know very little about string theory other than that basically the universe is made of strings. I did a little reading and was thinking this through and I thought of the idea of each planet having it’s own string universe and that they get tangled and interconnected. In my mind this started to make some cool shapes, so I started to doodle and really liked what I worked up. The versions on top are what I am thinking will be the final format of having 2 finished works. The images below are where I originally started – but think it is a little busy. Though I do like the chaos that these invoke. The top ones are not done yet either. I’ll see what the evolve into tomorrow.

022215-string-theory-status2 022215-string-theory-status1

This is a very abstracted idea based on the very little I know about the theory – but it has me intrigued. I really like learning about science and love seeing how the papers and theories manifest visually in my head. The finished version of this will be on display (along with abstract atmosphere #1) during Countdown to Yuri’s night on April 11 at Artisphere in VA. The art and the show is always a good time!


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