040415 – Today’s Framing Session

Today’s framing session went great and not so great.

Great part: I was able to get 6 out of the 7 pinups into frames. Got string theory 2 framed and it looks AMAZING!

Not so great: 2 frames from this frame order had defects – so waiting on my replacements to arrive so I can get the last pinup framed. I also accidentally purchased the wrong sized frames for 2 Yuri’s night pieces and did not have any matboard to cut new mats to fit these new frames. So this week will either need to pick up new frames or matboard to cute new mats.

So since I do not have any cool photos of today’s framing session – so I’m going to share pictures of cats! Both of these guys are available for adoption.

Camilla is in Baltimore and looking for a new forever home. Click her picture for more information.

This is Maggie in Plano, TX. She is such a sweet looking Scottish Fold looking for a new home. I would love to adopt a Scottish Fold….

As a reminder – vote on my bird postcard poll, right now there are only 2 votes. If I don’t get more votes I likely won’t print a new postcard at all.


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