051415 – North Charleston Reeption recap

A week ago tonight was the reception at the North Charleston City Hall for Birdwatching. This was a great evening! The roadtrip has ups and downs.

051415-roadtrip-overpassesFirst our drive was pretty tame. This section of overpasses on I95 always intrigued me – there is an inspiration there!!


So the next part of our trip was not the best part. We stopped of in Petersburg, VA and the flat tire warning light was on. We checked and found a screw in our tire. This is a small town and we pulled over in a quiet place to put the spare on. The spare connector was corroded together and thankfully a nice stranger was able to get some pliers for us to use to get everything apart. We got a recommendation of a nearby tire store and went over. The were able to patch the tire for only a few bucks! YEAH!!! So we celebrated with some awesome BBQ at Saucy’s (highly recommend) and only with a 90min delay were back on the road. Well about 15 minutes down the road the patch gave and we were stuck on the side of the highway with a flat. The spare went on super quick and the original tire store was great – the offered to send a wrecker out – and since they did not have my tire size in stock, they found a local shop that did. So after about 4 hours in total I now have a brand new tire and we were on our way….
The rest of the drive was smooth and my fancy tire did well!

Next day – got some Biscuitville and were back on the road.

Fairly uneventful drive with some detours to see some stuff along the way. We got to the hotel with time to make myself pretty before heading over to the reception. The artwork was rearranged a little bit and looked great.

051415-pano3 051415-pano1 051415-pano2

It was a great reception and loved talking to the other artists in the other shows in City Hall as well the public that came out. There was a lot of talent in that room!!! The quilting group was wonderful and met a few amazing glass artists as well. Thank you City of North Charleston Cultural Arts Department for inviting my to show my work – I am honored!!!


My bird dress was a bit too big – but was fitting for the show. I even got to wear the dress out – we stopped at VooDoo Tiki for a drink before heading in for the night.


The drive home was LONG. We made a few stops to see some cool things and found some amazing friend chicken at Smithfields. We also found a new friend on our way back to I95.



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