072215 – Continuous Green

072215-CG-originalI was going through my old photo albums and found these. This was a logo I think I made in 1993? 1994? The logo was, “Why stop on red when you can go continuous green?” I just LOVED continuous green traffic lights and laughed at the people who did not use that lane.

This started as something I drew and hand painted (top right) this, but then I got fancy and made it on the computer – I am pretty sure I made it in MacPaint back in the day. I printed 50 of them out and did a double lamination using clear contact paper – the backs of these have a little tag where they were dated and numbered. The middle one is #1 and was on my car for YEARS and the non-faded one is #50. I gave these out to people I went to school with and I got some pictures with my sticker with some awesome bands from the second warped tour. (the memories). Anyone (who reads my blog) still have one? If someone can show me their sticker I **might**  send you something cool.

So I think I might continue procrastinating and make this into a small artwork – continuous green 2.0 perhaps!


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