092315 – Crafting Props

092315-IS-star-buttonI had hoped to work on my mermaid today – but that didn’t happen. I started to work on this prop I am making for a costume. This will be better (and completely) painted gold and will become a button on a hat I still have to make. The star is my work’s logo and I cut that out out of matboard & glued it down to the matboard circle. I did try to emboss this using gold paper – but that didn’t work out – so I switched to paint. it is 2″ round.

I had issues in the studio today – I think I am sick. After I worked on this I basically passed out on my table and woke up 90min later. The fact I haven’t gotten the mermaid done means I have more work on Friday and I am falling behind.

Also I got an email that got my excited (and slightly scared) and I worked on that for a bit all excited to share with you a screen shot – but then I read the details of the project and read I am supposed to keep my mouth shut until it’s debut.


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