100415 – ink status

100415-IF-ink-status1This week’s Illustration Friday theme is “Ink”. I had originally thought about doing a tattoo machine, but the more I thought about it I wanted to created a cut paper work that more looked like pen and ink. I decided to do this of a goldfish because I’m familiar with the parts of a goldfish as well as someone on facebook said, “There are not enough pictures of goldfish on facebook”. I am pretty happy with this and I think it does look like it was created using ink instead of paper. It was a bit difficult – due to the very thin lines which means to NO structure.

This might be done, it might not be. Another friend made a suggestion and the more I think about it I like the idea – so I am sitting on this today!

Here’s how my day went down. I worked on the drawing and paid special attention to how I actually used the pen and how the lines happened. I wanted to keep it as accurate as I could. You can see how it all came together and the scale of this.

100415-IF-ink-drawing 100415-IF-ink-status2100415-IF-ink-status3


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