012916 – Mai Tai


{click for larger version} So here is my Mai-Tai. Has the all the ingredients: White rum,  regular rum, ice, sugar (syrup), lime juice, orange (curacao), and orgeat (almonds) with mint and an orchid for garnish.  I not only wanted to represent the ingredients, but I wanted to get the feeling of the drink as well.


I stared at it for awhile and tried out many shapes to see what would work. The change in the mint leaves was a last minute thing and I think it made all the difference.This is one of the outtakes. I thought the shapes were good and I adore the end result, but when I put it onto the piece it really didn’t work. It was very soft and mild – but a Mai Tai is not a mild drink – so couldn’t use it.

I’m hoping to be able to pull off several more cocktails. I liked working on this a lot. I hope this was not a one shot deal ad that I can turn this into a new series. So give me cocktail suggestions – Navy Grog, Planters Punch, 151 Swizzle, and Shark Bite are some of my favs.

The work itself is  roughly 6.5″ x 8″ || $TBD
for availability, pricing, payment directions, or for more information.




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